Here at Doug's seed to weed, you will find what you need for your growing adventure. We have Auto Flowering seeds, Feminized seeds, and Regular seeds for sale here. If you want all in one grow packs we have that too. Mix Packs, along with CBD Oil and all kinds of Grow guides you may need.

Here! download this free Grow guide here for free if your unsure yet of what you want yet. Read that, and if you like what you read then buy from us.

(Note: on the preceding pages, you may see what looks like duplicate strains, but they are just different strains in each category. Example: White Widow is shown in each strain. Auto Flowering, Feminized, and Regular.)

You can either use the menu to the left, or click the images bellow to browse my site. Cannabis is now legal in several states, so

don't hesitate; as mentioned we offer stealth shipping. For more information on shipping, and or any other concerns use the support link to the left.

The map bellow shows you where it is legal, but may be out of date if other states have adopted legalized Cannabis/Marijuana laws, or at least decriminalization.


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